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Diagnostic Errors Cost Millions of Health Care Dollars Every Year
Logical Images is in business to change that. Based in Rochester, NY, Logical Images develops visual medical technology and resources that increase diagnostic accuracy, enhance medical education, and empower and educate patients.

Logical Images is a medical technology company of digital imaging experts, leaders in computer-based design and knowledge management, skilled image archivists, and practicing physicians.

The company's products include VisualDx, a visual diagnostic decision support system, and Skinsight, online consumer wellness and health care resources.

Logical Images has developed the most comprehensive digital medical image library in the world, with over 100,000 peer-reviewed medical images covering skin, eye, mouth, radiology, infectious disease, tropical and travel medicine and more. Within categories, our collection includes all age ranges, body locations, and skin types as well as disease variation based on severity and stage, including classic and rare presentations.

This extensive collection, which continues to grow, is the foundation for both the VisualDx professional clinical decision support system and the Skinsight consumer resource. These images are integrated with a powerful structured knowledge database of hundreds of thousands of data points and relationships that bring centuries of medical knowledge to your fingertips. Together, these tools are designed to speed disease recognition for faster, more accurate diagnosis and decision making, and enhanced patient understanding.