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LearnDerm Tutorial
This self-study dermatology education resource consists of 5 interactive lessons:

LearnDerm Resource Updates
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LearnDerm Pocket Reference - Free with a demo of VisualDx*.
This pocket-size, two-card set aids in examinations, complete with rulers and images for comparison. Dermatology vocabulary helps students appropriately describe patient findings, along with developing a management plan from the listed therapies and guidelines.

Contact us to schedule a demonstration of VisualDx and inquire about the LearnDerm Pocket Reference.

*Distributed to course directors and educators, limit 30 per facility

LearnDerm Lecture Presentation for Educators
If you are an educator teaching at an accredited health care training program, the LearnDerm lecture presentation is available for teaching your students. The lecture works in synergy with the LearnDerm lessons outlined above, reinforcing the foundation terminology and aiding key concept retention.

Contact us to request the LearnDerm lecture presentation.

Learn - with VisualDx
VisualDx merges medical images with a problem-oriented findings-based search. This Web-based point-of-care software system can improve diagnostic accuracy by 120%, and it gives students, residents, and other users instant access to specialist knowledge and a logical method of clinical reasoning.

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